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One of my two beloved dogs (… ) died just a few hours ago at the age of of 10 years...
He was lulled to sleep by our vet at home ... I held his head while it happened and accompanied his last breaths...
He was suffering on Leishmaniasis, a disease that slowly made the skin disappaer on his feet and lately on other places on his body...

But after all he still was capable of being happy ... he still wagged his tail when I came to fondle him, he was still eating, he still went for a walk  and I am not sure if he would have chosen death if we could have asked him about...
My whole family decided this without accepting my dissents...

So now I am feeling more like a murderer than a saviour...
But I didn't want him to suffer, too...
Don't know what to feel right now ... except of grief... :(

I just hope he's now on a better place or somehting like that...

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